To enable the practitioner to bring immediate & sustained competitive improvement to their employers, and substantially add to their skills toolkit – substantially reinforcing their ability to build an impenetrable financial fortress round their family.


The student will be able to accurately affect rapid and sustained competitive improvement in high quality, regulated industries.
- Certification is NOT guaranteed. Students may be asked to abort attendance of the course at any time, for any reason. A 50% refund will be made to any student asked to leave the course in this way.

The Sensei Course

Interlean LLC has entered into a partnership with MovaGroup UK with an eye to projecting this offering, now known as ‘The Highly Effective  Mindset and Cultural Change for Senior Leadership’ workshop,  across the globe.

First reviews are in, and they are without exception extremely positive.  Go to MovaCircle to book your seats!  The workshops are offered at our purpose-built Interlean Academy in Los Angeles, California as well as in London, UK.

Leather Belt Skills Transfer System

This Skills Transfer System, utilizing a broad range of techniques and technology underlying a masterful meta-model,  magnified by deep and highly profitable results, will do to what is soon-to-become ‘obsolete Lean training’ what Bannister did to the four-minute mile, and what Fosbury did to the high jump.  The on-site Leather Belt STS provides for immediate benefits to the employer, very high skill retention rates and minimal change resistance, aka ‘push-back,’ from the employee base.

Contact William Botha directly at, or call him at (USA) 310.357.9639 if you’d like to hear more about this first-of-its-kind opportunity.

Only two client slots still available!  Do it now!

‘Iron Sharpens Iron’ Short Courses

These fast, highly focused one-day courses have been crafted to fill the need for relevant and effective skills transfer to quality practitioners in the GMP domain, support and services specialists and Lean practitioners who are ready to take that next step up from just running endless, and often fruitless kaizens.

WDBC1410 – We Build [cars] – Lean for non-manufacturing

  • Four Rules(DNA), assimilation, application – The FAST (Five Admin Sequence Technique) – value, swimlane, flow, pull, perfect – Takt or No-Takt, what is it to be when you can’t see the product? – Jishuken, Dedicated, co-located teams, their strengths, weaknesses & requirements – 5S for Admin & Service, taking a step back and seeing process from a whole new angle – Standard Work, taking out insurance on your improvement – Poka Yoke, finding root causes and conditions in a fast yet highly effective way – SMED aka Set Up Reduction, building the bridges of understanding between physical and intangible systems.

WDBC1420 – The control/flexibility paradox – Lean Quality for GMP enterprises

  • Four DNA Rules with specific reference to GMP environments – Five Steps – Value, Two Value Streams? Flow, Pull, Perfect – CAPE cycle or CAPA? Real world application of the Shewhart cycle by quality in GMP factories – Swimlane the CAPA process – viewing the quality remediation processes through a fresh lens – Standard Work = Quality, yes standard work is quality, what else can keep your improvement in place? – Visualizing the Material NC flow with very Long Cycle times/continuous cycles and / or segregation in an elegant fashion. – Kaizen and Change Control, remember “there is no spoon!” – Recreating the ‘Deviations’ Wheel so that everyone sees it in real-time.

WDBC1430 – Giving it all away!! Leading and Managing the Lean enterprise

  • Respect for Humanity, vision, strategy, communication and demonstration. – Betari Model, connecting experiences to belief systems to attitudes to behaviors to go to change the experiences. – Hoshin Kanri, is this new, or just a classical military planning cycle in “consultant speak?” – Management Controls, you get what you measure!, linking intent to action. – Leader Standard Work, is it possible, practical or advisable? – A3, no, not a road in the United Kingdom but a single side of one piece of paper, focusing teams and delivering. – Obeya, getting live and relevant information to the right people in time for them to be proactive. – The Leather Belt STS, have you ever thought that your lean training program is less than efficient? You may be right and here is a possible solution.


Highly interactive, 75% hands-on, 25% theory.  Each student will have an opportunity to lead simulations, and will receive feedback from peers and sensei.  Class size is limited to 16 students.  Start time is 8:00 sharp, work ends once the days deliverable has been met.  Pre-course work is assigned and after-hours may be assigned on a daily basis.  Repeated non-compliance with self study or failure to complete after hours’ assignments may lead to a request to abort attendance of the course.


Each ISI module is valued at $495.00.  They are grouped together to facilitate attending more than one relevant module at a time,  drastically reducing travel cost.

Please contact me for a proposal for the presentation of a Leather Belt STS at your site.  This process entails a visit/s to the site prior to confirmation and/or commencement.

Personal protective equipment

Students are asked to provide their own protective footwear and eyewear.  Gowns, gloves, bouffants and shoe covers will be supplied when necessary.

Products produced

The simulated products may be produced under cGMP conditions and constraints.  The units produced may be donated to a local school to be used for fund-raising, or will be disassembled and recycled for future courses.